STRICTLY BEARS - Bespoke handmade teddy bears for all occasions
STRICTLY BEARS  -  Bespoke handmade teddy bears for all occasions

Accessories & Special items

Accessories for your special bear are available  -  please call me to discuss what I can do to make your teddy unique and extra special.  You can phone us on +44 1782 516243.

Currently on offer:

  • Hand knitted and crocheted hats, dresses and tops
  • Charms eg: hearts, angels, hands, crucifix, birthday keys etc;
  • Beads for necklaces and embellishing dresses etc:
  • Hand knitted and crocheted blankets for layettes
  • Dummies, rattles and safely pins
  • Graduation gown, cap and scrolls
  • Hand-made miniature bouquets


Please see a small selection of items that I have on offer.

Hands and Hearts

Small selection of various other charms that are available.

Please see a selection of my fabrics and colours that are available. 


NB : I have a large selection of "pad and paw" fabric available to choose from.  Please contact me to discuss what I can do to make your bear completely individual to your taste.

American Smooth & Cashmere selection
1/4 inch pile selection

Plush - lemon sheen

Plush - Orange sheen

American Smooth - Midnight Blue

Plush Fabric - pink

Cashmere - Cinnamon

Cashmere - Tan

Cashmere - pale blue

American Smooth - Ruby Red

American Smooth - purple

American Smooth - Dark Brown

Sparse long pile - Gold

Dense Long pile - mid-brown

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